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3D PotterBot Scara Mini v1 Ceramic 3D Printer

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Scara Mini v1 - Precision and Efficiency in Compact Ceramic 3D Printing

The 3D Potterbot Scara Mini v1 stands as the smallest yet fully functional model within the Scara lineup, specifically designed for operation in confined spaces. Its compact size does not compromise on capabilities, offering a range of benefits for users:

  1. User-Friendly Interface (WiFi):

    • Utilizes Duet Web Control, a comprehensive user interface accessible via web browsers on laptops, tablets, phones, or other WiFi-enabled devices.
    • Provides real-time information during printing, including layer times, estimated time remaining, file details, and the ability to adjust print and extrusion speeds on the fly.
  2. Large-Scale Ceramic 3D Printing:

    • Capable of handling large-scale ceramic 3D printing using real clay.
    • Robust construction accommodates onboard loads like the 3D Potter 3600ml clay extruder or a hose assembly.
  3. G-Code Files Management:

    • The G-Code Files page allows easy uploading, editing, and downloading of G-code files for printing.
    • Presents a file summary, including size, layer height, and generation details.
  4. No Software Requirements:

    • Requires no additional software installations; operates seamlessly through a web browser interface.
  5. Unique Build Envelope:

    • The build envelope allows for 360-degree printing with continuous rotation, enabling the creation of large vessels with the printer initially inside the structure.
    • Supports sequential printing of multiple objects within the specified envelope.
  6. Speed and Noise Efficiency:

    • Capable of high speeds (up to 130 mm/s) with consideration for factors such as nozzle size, layer height, and clay adhesion.
    • Operates quietly, ensuring a disturbance-free environment.
  7. Precision Construction and Design:

    • Constructed from heavy aircraft-grade 6061 aluminum, CNC, and welded components for maximum strength and rigidity.
    • Utilizes precision guide rails from IGUS and sophisticated hybrid closed-loop stepper motors for high accuracy.
  8. Sophisticated Drive Mechanisms:

    • Employs harmonic drive units, similar to those used in large industrial robots, ensuring precision movement without backlash or jittery motions.
  9. Flexible Setup Options:

    • Can be positioned on a substantial tabletop or given its dedicated space for partial or full envelope printing.
    • Requires direct mounting for stability, with recommendations for table thickness to optimize results.

In summary, the Scara Mini v1 combines precision engineering, efficient design, and user-friendly features to deliver a compact yet powerful ceramic 3D printing solution for diverse applications.

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