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3D PotterBot Scara V4 Ceramic 3D Printer

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Step into the forefront of 3D ceramic and paste printing with the cutting-edge 3D Potterbot Scara V4, designed to revolutionize your creative process with unparalleled precision and efficiency. This advanced model offers a seamless printing experience, empowering users with intuitive control and real-time monitoring capabilities.

Experience effortless control through the Duet Web Control interface, accessible from any WiFi-enabled device, allowing you to manage prints with ease from your preferred devices. Benefit from detailed real-time print management, including layer times and estimated completion, enabling on-the-fly adjustments for optimal results.

Simplify your workflow with the G-Code Files page, facilitating easy file upload, editing, and downloading directly through the web interface. Enjoy the convenience of zero software requirements—operate the Scara V4 solely through a web browser, eliminating the need for additional installations.

Explore a limitless build envelope, customizable with Z heights up to 9 feet and diameters up to 8.5 feet, along with 360-degree continuous rotation capability for innovative large-scale prints. Crafted with precision from heavy aircraft-grade aluminum and featuring hybrid closed-loop stepper motors, the Scara V4 ensures maximum strength, rigidity, and positioning accuracy.


  • Duet Web Control interface for seamless print management
  • Real-time monitoring of prints for detailed progress tracking
  • Simplified G-Code workflow for streamlined file management
  • Operates via web browser interface, eliminating software installations
  • Customizable build envelope with expansive dimensions for versatile printing
  • Precision construction with heavy aircraft-grade aluminum and CNC-welded components
  • Industrial-grade drive mechanisms for precise and backlash-free movements

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