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AlgoLaser Aplha Extension Kit

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The AlgoLaser Alpha Extension Kit is designed to expand your work area up to an impressive 400x850mm, enhancing production efficiency for large-scale projects. Crafted with durable aluminum alloy construction, this extension kit ensures stability and precision throughout operation, enabling you to tackle ambitious designs with confidence.

Key Features:

  • Expanded Work Area: Extend your engraving and cutting capabilities with a larger workspace, accommodating substantial projects seamlessly.

  • Enhanced Efficiency: By increasing your work area, you can optimize production output and streamline workflow, reducing the need for multiple setups.

  • Stable Construction: The aluminum alloy framework provides a sturdy foundation, minimizing vibration and maintaining accuracy during operation.

Materials Included:

  • Axis Extensions: Left and right extensions facilitate the expansion of the engraving area, seamlessly integrating with the AlgoLaser Alpha.

  • ALETKA 1.0 Cable: Essential cable designed specifically for the extension, ensuring reliable connectivity and functionality.

  • Installation Tools: Includes Allen wrenches, open-end wrench, and all necessary tools for straightforward installation.

  • Mounting Hardware: Screws and cable ties are provided for secure installation of the extension components.

  • Additional Components: Includes a cable clamp, limit switch, and decorative plate to complete the setup with a professional finish.


  • Increased Versatility: With the extended work area, you can tackle larger designs and projects that demand expansive engraving or cutting.

  • Improved Stability: The robust aluminum alloy construction enhances stability, reducing the risk of errors or inconsistencies during operation.

  • Comprehensive Installation Kit: All required components and tools are included for a hassle-free setup, ensuring a smooth integration with your AlgoLaser Alpha.

Design and Compatibility:

  • Seamless Integration: The extension kit is engineered to seamlessly integrate with the AlgoLaser Alpha, maintaining compatibility and functionality.

  • Professional Finish: Designed with attention to detail, the kit includes decorative elements to enhance the appearance of your extended workspace.

The AlgoLaser Alpha Extension Kit empowers you to expand your creative boundaries and boost productivity with confidence. Maximize the potential of your AlgoLaser Alpha and embark on ambitious projects with ease using this comprehensive extension solution.


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