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Laserpecker Laser Engraveres - Stelis3D

LaserPecker Laser Engravers

The LaserPecker series of Laser Engravers offers advanced laser engravers with unique benefits for different needs. The LaserPecker 2 is super fast, engraving at 36,000mm per minute and previewing designs at 225,000mm per minute. It captures fine details with a tiny laser spot of 0.05 by 0.05mm and offers three resolution options (1k, 1.3k, and 2k). It’s user-friendly, connects to smartphones and PCs, and is lightweight with a handle for hand-held engraving. Safety features include a blue light filter cover, goggles, automatic stop functions, a preset password, and an emergency stop button. The LaserPecker 3 uses a 1064nm infrared laser, ideal for metal and plastic materials, with an instantaneous power of 10,000 watts. It excels in 360° rotary engraving on cylindrical objects and engraves at 48,000mm per minute with high-speed galvanometer technology. It’s not suitable for wood, glass, stone, or leather but sets up quickly with accurate dual infrared light positioning. Lastly, the LaserPecker 4 Deluxe is perfect for business and personal use, featuring a Rotary and Slide Extension for a large working size of 160x300mm. It combines infrared and diode lasers to engrave almost any material, offering high accuracy up to 8K resolution and speeds up to 240,000mm per minute. Its flexible structure adjusts to any angle, and it’s small and portable, ideal for various settings. The LaserPecker 4 also includes user-friendly apps with advanced editing features and compatibility with Lightburn. Each model provides specific advantages, from the speed and fine detail of the LaserPecker 2 to the versatility and high power of the LaserPecker 3, and the comprehensive capabilities of the LaserPecker 4 Deluxe.